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Multi Stretch

Since autumn/winter 2018, FIDELIO offers a line, which will delight you.

Multi Stretch is the perfect choice for very sensitive feet.

Only stretchable lamb/goat leather is used as upper material.

The softly padded Multistretch insert promises pain relief with every step.

In addition, the forefoot area is fully stretchable and seamless.

Using technologies which come from competitive sports, a sole that cares for the wearer's back and joints has been created.The ultra-light, flexible sole supports the correct roll-over behaviour while walking, promotes natural, and thanks to the integrated "rebound effect", fatigue-free walking. The innovative sole material in combination with the multi-zone profile provides safety and has excellent anti-slip properties.

With Multi Stretch you wear fashionable shoes with a healthy added value.



Most of our FIDELIO´s contain a removable footbed made of cork.


But what is cork?

Cork is the bark of the cork oak.This stately tree is native to many countries in the Western Mediterranean.
Unlike other tree species, it doesn´t harm the cork oak when the bark is peeled off.
Thus, cork is a renewable raw material and as such environmentally friendly.

FIDELIO Cork footbeds are ECO Certified!

FIDELIO Cork footbeds

• are anatomically formed
• regulate moisture
• breathe and isolate
• warm the feet pleasantly
• are extremely compressible and thereby elastic
• are extremely durable
• are ecologically sustainable

The FIDELIO footbed supports and relieves the foot through the anatomical form and soft padding at the forefoot. The deep-cupped heel holds the foot securely in place.

All FIDELIO footbeds are removable and can be replaced through customized orthotics.

Width range

Each foot is different - Fidelio offers models in different widths, so you can be sure to find the shoe which suits you best.

Width F1 / 2

is the width for the normal foot, natural shape with slim heel

Width G

is the comfort width with a little more volume in the ball area

Width H

is the comfort width with lots of volume in the ball and instep area

Width J

is the special width for the strong foot


Here´s why you should rely on the right footwear if you suffer from bunions:

In 2006 FIDELIO started to produce shoes with a stretchable insert for ladies with bunions.

Thanks to intensive research FIDELIO is now regarded as the specialist for shoes with a stretchable insert.

Lots of satisfied customers worldwide confirm the company´s success.

Why is the right footwear so important if you suffer from bunions?

The right shoes can help to ensure that there will be no further deformation or damage. The stretchable insert is mostly invisible and softly padded -  which prevents severe pressure being placed upon the bunion. Moreover it adapts perfectly to the foot and the bunion visually disappears.

The sole and last have been constructed so as to provide enough room for the toes and muscles and the straight positioning of the toe provides optimal comfort.

Top quality leather uppers and lining materials cater for a healthy foot climate.


Leather Care

Leather needs care. Here you´ll find some information about the care your Fidelios need:

Your shoes should be treated with an impregnation spray before you wear them for the first time.
Please pay attention to the leather type – there are lots of different sprays for different leather types but also sprays suitable for all leathers.
For effect leather, we advise you to use a solvent-free spray.
It should be tested in a non-visible area first.
Please pay attention to a spray distance of about 20cm.
After 3-4 weeks of wearing your shoes, they should be impregnated again. Dirt and dust must be removed before. For smooth leather you should use a slightly damp cleaning rag, take a special brush for suede.

To refresh colours and keep the leather smooth, we recommend the regular use of a care cream or a care foam. These products are available for smooth leather as well as for suede.

Our recommendation for leather care: Products of the company Pep Up

These natural care products are also an excellent choice for our models with vegetable tanned leather!
For further information, please visit www.pep-up.eu

We wish you a lot of fun with your Fidelios!