Every journey begins with the first step.

Thanks to Martin Kasperek FIDELIO took its first steps on the 1st of August, 1995. Initially FIDELIO was founded by Martin as a shoe wholesaler.


Things turn out differently as planned

In 2003, after many successful years, Martin Kasperek made the transition from a wholesaler to a producer as the situation on the market had changed and customer demands had increased.
As it turned out, the idea of offering well-fitting sandals and mules with an anatomically formed removable footbed under the brand name of FIDELIO was very successful.
In 2005, a second range, Softline, was introduced to the market. This range was also a great success from the start.


Nothing is more successful than an idea whose time has come*

By 2006 the time had come to introduce a third range and "Hallux" was born.
This innovative range, which incorporates a stretchable insert for customers with hallux valgus (bunions), quickly became a bestseller.


Lack of space

Thanks to FIDELIO’s product innovation and general inventiveness the company grew rapidly resulting in there being no more room at their premises. In 2008, after much searching, boxes were packed and the FIDELIO team could finally spread out within 370m² of office space and 892m² of state-of-the-art warehouse space located in the south Linz.
Happy and satisfied the team went on to implement new ideas and in the same year the Kasperek KG was re-named FIDELIO – thus the product brand and the company merged into one.


Ideas over ideas

In 2009 FIDELIO started to produce closed shoes for ladies. FIDELIO grew rapidly both at home and abroad.
In 2010 closed shoes with an invisible Hallux insert were presented.

And since 2018, FIDELIO proudly offers the Multi Stretch line - topmodern models with a completly stretchable forefoot area.



FIDELIO  has 4 product lines: Fidelio, Hallux, Multi Stretch and Softline.
The company has achieved worldwide success thanks to its many innovations and excellent service.
When it comes to footwear with the Hallux function FIDELIO is regarded as the specialist.

Combining comfort with current fashion is becoming increasingly important. This is why a lot of attention is paid to latest trends and innovative new developments every season. 

*Victor Hugo